Social Enterprise: Our Model

REBUILD globally is proud of the unique social-business ecosystem that we’ve created to fight poverty! 

No matter where in the world you’re fighting poverty we believe the issue boils down to two things:


A lack of education and job training.

A lack of sustainable, living wage jobs.

Many traditional charities don’t comprehensively address these underlying problems that maintain the cycle of poverty. That is why REBUILD globally focusses on these two key problems with an innovative and replicable model. Our unique ecosystem combines the support of our non-profit REBUILD globally which provides on the ground education, job training, and community development, with our for-profit company deux mains which provides local, sustainable, living-wage jobs.  


REBUILD globally starts the process

REBUILD globally is a non-profit company focused on establishing Job Training, Education, and Community Development. REBUILD globally spends the time to build relationships, and understand the specific needs of a community. Through this understanding we then cater to those needs with custom job training, education, and community development programs. Furthermore, our job training program has a direct pipeline to employment with our for-profit company, deux mains.

deux mains provides opportunity

deux mains, our for-profit partner company provides locally-based living-wage jobs. Meaning ``two hands`` in kreyol deux mains specializes in ethical handmade, locally-sourced sandals and accessories. REBUILD globally provides the education and training, and deux mains provides the opportunity. The beautiful handmade sandals and accessories we sell through deux mains provide income, and opportunity for our employees.

Together REBUILD globally and deux mains create sustainable change

Our unique ecosystem works because it addresses the underlying issues. This integrated approach puts the power back into the hands of those that need help. Education, job training, and community development address the unique needs of a community. A sustainable living-wage provides stability and opportunity. We believe that this holistic, integrated approach is a replicable means of fighting poverty in communities in Haiti, and worldwide.<br />

REBUILD globally is has so much to offer, and we find that our unique Social-Business Ecosystem is an especially intriguing topic. If you want our CEO and Founder, Julie Colombino, or one of our other fabulous staff members to speak at your next engagement, be sure to click here. Our team is also available to speak on topics such as Social Entrepreneurship, Fighting Poverty, Ethical Fashion, or Inspiration.