Our Story

REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization founded in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Through our years of learning and growing, we understood the long-term solution to ending poverty is through social business. In response to our discovery, REBUILD globally established a fashion brand, Deux Mains (deu-meh) Designs, which is the for-profit arm of our organization that supports the fight against poverty in Haiti. In collaboration with our nonprofit endeavors, Deux Mains employs Haitian artisans to craft authentic, handmade sandals from up-cycled tires. REBUILD purchases the handcrafted sandals and sells them in the global marketplace with a goal to make Deux Mains Designs the world’s favorite fashion footwear!

The Deux Mains fashion brand was created and is supported by REBUILD globally. Hand in hand, Deux Mains and REBUILD globally are empowering the worlds most vulnerable to become self-sufficient – restoring dignity to families. Our brand, Deux Mains, inspired by its French translation, tells the story of our artisans who use their own “two hands” to sculpt sidewalls into sole with a pride that comes from not only making something valuable for others, but making a meaningful life for themselves.

Thanks to the determination and vision of REBUILD globally supporters, Deux Mains employees receive equity in the company and dignified employment that pays an average of 225% more than Haitian minimum wage. In just five years, our financial growth has exceeded 2,000 percent, enabling our Haitian employees to experience financial security, own homes, and invest in education for the very first time. 74 women, men, and children who became homeless from the horrendous earthquake already have permanent roofs over their heads. Meanwhile, 6,000 discarded tires have been up-cycled into sandals, saving the Earth’s atmosphere from 480,000 kg of co2!

REBUILD globally is growing and more determined than ever to expand our model of development all over the world. And we need your help! Your financial support will allow us to expand into other vulnerable communities worldwide. You can make a tax-deductible donation now to help us end poverty globally, or you can support our social business in Haiti and help end poverty by purchasing sandals. There are so many things you can do to make a difference!

What will your two hands do?

30 things you should know about us:

• Our employees collectively send 31 children to school full-time, and financially support  six more children who are not of school age.

• Two more women are employed by our staff – Jolina has hired a woman to manage her at-home business, selling homemade goods, and Minouche has hired a woman to take care of her baby girl every day while Minouche works.  During the last 4 years, Jolina has employed 10 women part-time to distribute and sell synthetic hair.

• 5 of our employees have started their own side businesses, from making and selling peanut butter and jam, to selling home-grown vegetables, to buying, fixing, and re-selling computers.

• One employee is the principal and Haitian Director of the only free English-language school for adults in Port au Prince, English in Mind Institute.

• Our employees’ homes provide shelter for 21 additional adults and 32 children.

• Our local leather jacket supplier’s revenue from REBUILD’s leather purchases in 2014 was $2,518.72 – which averages higher than daily minimum wage in Haiti.

• In addition to our 14 full-time staff, we employ 6 part-time employees to run our Apprenticeship Program.

• 5 additional members of the community are contracted on an as-needed basis for electrical work, and school supply purchases and maintenance.

• REBUILD provides the finances for 20 students to be fully enrolled in high school, 8 of whom are graduating seniors this year, and 5 more street kids in elementary school.

• $7,372.05 was invested by REBUILD globally in the Port au Prince school system in 2014.

• REBUILD globally provided over 800 hours of tutoring in 2014.

• 30% of Haitian high-school students pass the National Exam, which is required to begin their Senior Year. 100% of Apprenticeship Students taking that exam in 2014 passed.

• $1,525.16 was allocated as interest-free pay advances in 2014 – 100% are either fully paid off or within 6 months of being completed. These pay advances helped our employees with up-front emergency medical expenses, household repairs and funeral costs in a dignified way.

• REBUILD’s Haiti-based expenses totaled over $100K in 2014 – that $100K has been invested in the Haitian economy, as every purchase made in Haiti goes to a local supplier, local business, or local community organization.

• In 2014, two of our employees moved into new houses on land they purchased.

• Based solely on word-of-mouth marketing, the Haiti Boutique brought in approximately $18,000 in sales.

• REBUILD paid $4,128.95 in taxes to the Haitian government, solidifying our status and encouraging local business participation and contribution to the local economy.

• One employee began and completed his University degree while working for REBUILD – Jean Robert graduated in June 2014 with a Bachelors in Theology.

• Another employee is working his way through law school and expects to graduate in 2015.

• Two employees are enrolled in extra-curricular classes – Betty, our Head Seamstress, took the initiative in 2014 to take a beading course, and Jean Robert, our Production and Design Manager, is enrolled in English classes at English in Mind Institute twice a week.

• Our Haitian staff grew by 10% in 2014.

• Of our full-time staff, 71.4% are women.

• Our Haitian staff ranges in age from Betty, who is 23 years old, to Anne who will celebrate her 61st birthday this year.

• All three members of our Haitian Management Team are part owners of the newly registered Haitian business, each holding 6% of the shares in the company.

• 71% of our full-time staff earn the highest income of their household.

• 91% of our staff in Port au Prince is Haitian.

• Tom’s Shoes, who operates a workshop in Haiti as well, pays their highest-paid craftsman 175% above minimum wage; while that is the starting salary for an artisan in training at REBUILD.

• According to our lawyer, there are no other Haitian businesses whose salaried staff members are also shareholders in the company.

• In 2014, REBUILD was able to double our daily production capacity.

• Over half of our full-time staff currently provide the only income in their household.

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