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Improving the lives of those most affected by poverty in Haiti. Donate

REBUILD globally was born from the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and survived in its wake by embarking on a mission to provide a sustainable, entrepreneur driven solutions for survivors. 

REBUILD globally addresses the complex issues of poverty by identifying the most vulnerable populations in Port-au-Prince and targeting the root problem – the lack of job readiness and long-term employment.

Our goal is to replace the conventional methods of charitable aid with a thriving social entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We have been measurably improving the lives of those most affected by poverty and devastation in Haiti for six years through comprehensive training and education programs with a pipeline to guaranteed employment. After years of working on the ground, we have found the most impactful way to respond to a disaster and lessen the effects of poverty is to combine the efforts of our non-profit with the for-profit sector.

How We Fight Poverty in Haiti

EducationJob Training

REBUILD globally has proven that income generation as an alternative to traditional forms of aid has allowed for a quick and sustainable way for people to transition from desperation and dependency, to one of self-sustainability. Over the last six years, we have incubated a locally owned for-profit social business, deux mains designs, a workshop that handcrafts high-fashion sandals from upcycled tires for sale in the local and international marketplace. REBUILD globally and deux mains are working hand in hand to change the system that keeps poor people impoverished. Our employment opportunities pay 220% of the minimum full-time Haitian wage and offers business equity to our craftsmen and women.



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