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Pathways to Impact: Empowering The Future One Student At A Time

Our Elév Education Program is changing lives of students in Haiti. Today, we would like to introduce you to Lovely, a young woman whose life has been impacted by our Elév Education Program. Lovely is the embodiment of perseverance and determination. In 2013 she was accepted into our Elèv Education Program. At that time she was a student at one of our partner schools. The director of her school heard we had a few openings in our Elév Program, so he encouraged her to apply. She considers herself lucky to have been one of the five students accepted to the program that year, but we know it wasn’t luck. It was her excellent attendance, perfect grades, that got her accepted into the program. There was no doubt this young woman was headed for great things.  

Meet Lovely

This wasn’t always her story. Lovely was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, 23 years ago. She has five sisters and two brothers. That is eight children in a family to be fed, clothed, and educated. While Lovely may have made it through school without the help of the Elèv program, she would not be standing where she is today. She grew up in a house with an overall lack of support when it came to her education, both academically and financially. School gave her something to excel at, and the Elèv program gave her a community to belong to. Through the after-school tutoring, Lovely found the support and community she was missing. She found a place where she belonged, where she was accepted and respected. This was a priceless gift to her as she worked hard to complete her education.

In Haiti, there tends to be a lack of resources outside the classroom to help students succeed. If you didn’t understand the material during class, you hope your friend did. Otherwise, there isn’t much hope for passing the test.

This is what makes the Elèv program so unique and necessary. With access to afterschool tutoring, students just like Lovely don’t have to struggle to understand the materials, they can ask questions, and get one on one help with any subjects they are struggling with.


Today, because of the holistic approach of our Elév Program, Lovely has graduated from high school with perfect grades. She has begun a job training program through REBUILD globally, where she will learn life skills like money management, professionalism, and receive training on all the skills necessary to join the deux mains team, making sandals and accessories.

What’s Next


Lovely plans to attend university with the help of REBUILD globally’s tuition matching program. She wants to become a lawyer. She has a dream to advocate for the innocent who far too often get taken advantage in developing countries like Haiti. She will make these dreams a reality because of the support she received through the Elév Education Program. Lovely is doing her part to change the world because someone first helped to change her to change her world.



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