Woobensky is in his Rheto year (Junior year of high school) at La College Mixte la Providence.  He is 18 years old and lives with his parents in Tabarre, Port au Prince.   He is in the artisan section of the Apprenticeship Program, and wants to make Haiti more beautiful and secure.  He appreciates REBUILD globally’s environmental impact (one problem he wants to see change in Haiti is the trash in the roads, for safety and aesthetic reasons) as well as job creation.  He is a very hard worker who does well in school, and thinks that one of the most important things in life is for children to attend school and focus, and do their best work.  Woobesnky now has hopes to one day go to medical school and become a doctor.  A very exciting change for Woobesnky is that now, every Saturday he has the opportunity to shadow a local doctor.  While this is not exactly an internship, it allows him the opportunity to experience the medical field while preparing for his Philo year of school.

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