Joel Teaching Apprentice Students.

Joel Teaching Apprentice Students.

A new addition to the Apprenticeship Program’s Saturday activities is our outreach to involve guest speakers.  You can read about our first speaker of the year, Samuel Alcide (base Manager at Haiti Communitere).

Our second speaker also chose the route of a motivational and inspirational talk.  Joel Trimble is an American who has lived in Haiti for the last 30 years.  He came to Haiti with $35 in his pocket looking for a fresh start – flash forward thirty years later, he has started and sustained several successful businesses here, and is now famous as the producer of the popular Haitian television show, La Bonne Nouvelle.  La Bonne Nouvelle explores different cities, regions and communities in Haiti, and discusses the lives, challenges and successes of the people living there.  He is a fluent Creole speaker, and when he heard we were looking for guest speakers, he immediately contacted us with interest.

Trimble, known here as Frere Joel, discussed his life and challenges he overcame in order to be as successful as he is today.  The talk was focused on inspiring and motivating the students to work hard in all aspects of their life.  The students particularly responded to one main point – to do your best in all areas of work, even if the work itself is not what you want to do long-term, because each new responsibility will increase not only your marketability within the workforce, but also your personal experience and education.  He spoke of the importance of every learning experience, and when you add those experiences together with dedication and positivity, you can succeed in anything.  The students were very excited to have him speak, as they knew the television show, and found his talk to be motivating and encouraging!

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