Updated on October 13th, 1:00 pm EST

Photos have been provided by various friends and partners we have on the ground in Haiti. Not all photos are of Port-au-Prince, but still reflect the severity of this hurricane. 


What We Know 
Our priority is focusing on long-term sustainability. We know that investing in local economies and business infrastructure is the way to work towards a healthy Haiti.  We are using our knowledge, experience, and expertise so that we can create the most impact possible during this recovery effort. We are thankful for your partnerships and support as we implement our plan to build back a better Haiti.
  • Focus on immediate relief and hurricane preparedness – rebuilding at the refugee camp in Fonds Bayard to ensure safety, security and livelihood opportunities for residents
  • Provide immediate repairs and upgrades to our social impact factory and boutique in Port-au-Prince to ensure that the hub where we create economic stability is secure and protected
  • Provide immediate relief for staff, students, and their families and and assist in rebuilding their livelihoods
  • Invest in growing our business infrastructure to help more Haitians find dignified, living wage employment so that they may earn an income and start to repair from the storm
How You Can Help 
By donating to REBUILD globally, you can be sure that 100% of your generous contributions will be directly allocated to rebuilding and relief.  We are intimately connected in our community and in the refugee camp at the border.  Together, we can build back up what the hurricane destroys.Larger NGOs will also be responding to the damage that is sure to ensue, but without direct acess and intimate knowledge of the situation at hand, they will likely be unable to mitigate their resources as swiftly and effectively.
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