The Pathways to Impact Monthly Giving Movement  is a campaign that happens with intentional collaboration…. and we couldn’t wait to share our first story of partnership! Pathways to Impact was designed to help you choose how you want to create impact and we look forward to telling each story of change! Over the next twelve months, we will be sharing what inspires our monthly donors to give, their personal connection to our mission, as well as any advice they have for anyone who is interested in taking their first step to making a difference in the world!

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This month we are excited feature Jim Hobart and his company Macbeth Studio on our Changemaker Spotlight! Jim and and his team have been traveling to Haiti with REBUILD globally since 2011 and have allowed us to tell our story and share our mission through beautiful and compelling images of Haiti and our work. Their passion and dedication to making the world a better place is an inspiration to us and we hope you enjoy learning about what drives Jim and his team to give back to their community!


Macbeth has been a partner of REBUILD globally from the very beginning. Can you share the most significant thing that impacted you all those years ago?

I remember the day I met Julie at the very first fundraiser / product announcement at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando.  I had ​been asked by a mutual friend to help with some photos at the event.  I was immediately impressed with this humble but powerful woman who had dropped everything to go and help the Haitian people after the earthquake, without even knowing what she would do there.  The story resonated with me, and I wished I had the strength, courage and conviction to do what Julie had done.  I resolved at that moment to do whatever I could do to contribute and support Julie and her fledgling organization.


Why does what we do in Haiti matter to you …. now in particular, after all these years?

​​Rebuild Globally and Deux Mains are the embodiment of a notion that I try to keep in mind all the time: “What are you doing TODAY to make the world a better place?”  I truly feel that every day we are in business, we should be doing something to improve the world, or our little corner of it.  Most days we fail in this mission, but occasionally we are able to make a real, tangible, positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Every time we travel to Haiti, or photograph lifestyle or product shots for Deux Mains, we’re moving the needle slightly toward the good.  So we will be with you for as long as you’ll have us.


Images and moments captured by the Macbeth team over the years!

Macbeth Studio is extremely involved in the community and makes an exceptional effort to give back. How has getting involved in philanthropy, especially a global non profit like REBUILD, been rewarding for you and the team?

We do what we can. I encourage our team to choose at least one local non-profit to volunteer with, to help improve our local community.  The rewards for our involvement in this global non-profit have been enormous.  The opportunity for the team to help make a difference in the lives of people they can actually meet and talk with is so important.  After multiple trips to Haiti to document the growth of RG and DM, we have the privilege of seeing the changes first-hand, and to show them to others through our photography and video.  This is a rare and valuable gift, and we are grateful to your team for the incredible opportunities you’ve given us to participate in this amazing story.


We are so excited that you have joined our monthly giving movement Pathways to Impact. Why is sustained monthly giving is important to you?

I think sustained giving is the best way to help.  Any business, whether profit or non, depends on predictable cash-flow.  ​An unexpected lump-sum donation is a great windfall, but it’s impossible to budget long-term for these. A large number of smaller monthly donations can add up to a substantial amount, and can be counted on to plan for upcoming expenses. We are proud to be sustaining donors, and will continue to encourage others to sign up as well.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month’s Changemaker Spotlight!

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