Pathways to Impact is a Monthly Giving Movement.  It is an online community of Changemakers working to create pathways out of poverty in vulnerable places around the world.

Education. Job Training.  Refugee Relief.

Three Pathways to Impact that are critical to our success of fighting poverty in Haiti. There are different ways to participate in making the world a better place,  so we have built customized ways for each and every one of you to contribute in a way that is personal and meaningful to you. Every month we connect with a Pathways to Impact community member to share their story of impact, and any advice they have others interested in taking their first step to making a difference in the world!

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This month we are excited feature Amanda Ward who sits on our Board of Directors. Amanda is the Assistant Director of Prospect Research and Development at Rollins College in Winter Park Florida. 


You joined Pathways to Impact during our last holiday giving campaign and donate a monthly gift to our Refugee Empowerment Program. Why is sustained monthly giving important to you? 

Sustained monthly giving is important to me in several ways. First and most importantly, REBUILD globally is an important cause to me, and one that I am proud to be a part of. My monthly gift shows them my commitment and support. Second, giving and gratitude is a habit I want to cultivate and making philanthropy (and deux mains shoes!) part of my monthly budget is a way of making it a priority. Finally, I know how important having a predictable income stream is to a nonprofit and, especially, a growing social enterprise. By giving continually as well as periodic one-time gift, my investment can better support the day-to-day operations rebuild globally.


From Runway to Haiti committee member to sitting on our Board of Directors, you have been involved with REBUILD globally at many capacities over the years… What is your favorite story to tell about REBUILD?

My favorite story of REBUILD globally is really more of a before-and-after from when I first started until now. When I started, we were just having our third annual event and raised around $7,000. Yay! Now, not only has Cocktails for a Cause grown into an exclusive event (Runway to Haiti) that feature deux mains’ wonderful line of products, but I’ve been able to see how the organization has come from a small, grassroots nonprofit to a growing global brand and social enterprise.

Images captured by Macbeth Studios. Art Background by Hillery Powers

What about our work most resonates with you.. what is the one thing you want our readers to know about our work in Haiti?

One of the things that is always stuck with me about REBUILD globally and its community in Haiti is its vibrancy. When I visited the workshop in 2013, the poverty and lingering destruction from the earthquake and other disasters were clear. However, so was the happiness and love in the Haitian people. Bright colors in the street art and environment and smiling faces were everywhere despite the numerous obstacles, and that’s something worth believing and investing in.

Philanthropy and charitable giving is so important, but it can overwhelming to decide the kind of impact we want to leave in the world, especially for the younger generation. What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a difference but doesn’t know where to start?

I think sustained giving is the best way to help.  Any business, whether profit or non, depends on predictable cash-flow.  ​An unexpected lump-sum donation is a great windfall, but it’s impossible to budget long-term for these. A large number of smaller monthly donations can add up to a substantial amount, and can be counted on to plan for upcoming expenses. We are proud to be sustaining donors, and will continue to encourage others to sign up as well.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month’s Changemaker Spotlight!

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