Julie Colombino

A Message from the Founder: Why “Discover Haiti” with REBUILD globally?

Why “Discover Haiti” with REBUILD globally?  Why now?


Many of my closest friends, family members, and supporters of REBUILD globally have heard stories of my love for Haiti over the past 8 years.  You probably recall my reflections on the beauty of the island and my passion for her people.  Looking back, my portrayal of Haiti must have made me seem crazy. After all, our typical exposure to Haiti is through the lens of the Western media.


Haiti’s image is therefore painted with broad strokes filled with poverty, political unrest, and crowded streets littered with trash.  We are bombarded with images of 21st century Haiti in ruins with no context, and no opposing view, because this is what the world wants us to see.


I don’t know how or when our media became so sensationalist. Maybe it’s always been that way, but it saddens me because this objectification of Haiti robs us of her beauty and strength.  I want you to discover (or rediscover in some cases) how this tiny nation of African slaves defeated some of the worlds greatest powers in the first ever slave rebellion.  Experience Haiti from the perspective of 1804 when we visit one of the most inspiring museums on the planet and retrace the steps of her inspiring history.  A history that I believe was protected by God as the museum was one of the only buildings left unscathed in downtown Port Au Prince after the 2010 earthquake.

I consider myself very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about the systems behind travel to developing countries. I have made a promise with my Maker to share those gifts of knowledge I have learned along the way to ensure dignity is at the forefront of our travel experience.

We designed our discovery trips, not as a mission trips or voluntourism. Our goal will not be to save anyone or serve anyone.


We will not act as builders, or preachers, or well diggers.  We will not be spectators of a new land and new people.  Instead, we will immerse ourselves in the food, traditions, and even the language as we take a Creole class from students in the REBUILD globally job training program.  This class will help us communicate basic words with our new friends and allow our students to practice their English with you!

If you are reading my blog, I hope over the years I have helped you uncover some of the misconceptions about poverty and charity.  Now, I want you to experience Haiti and what we have learned throughout our journey because I believe it will enrich your life.  I promise there is a way to live and give generously and be a part of the poverty solution without harming communities.  Come with us to enjoy Haiti and be forever changed!





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