We believe education and job training programs are the most powerful weapons in the fight against extreme poverty. We create powerful and holistic programs that empower men and women to obtain degrees and work placement, ending the cycle of poverty in their lives, their families’ lives, and in their communities.


REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization promoting prosperity by growing an educated and skilled workforce in Haiti and ensuring a pathway to dignified employment. 


A world without poverty where all people are empowered through dignified work opportunities. 


Investing in our Family

We recognize our craftsmen and women, staff, and volunteers are capable human beings worthy of investment. We create a culture of respect and offer management and leadership opportunities at every level of the company.

Breaking Traditions

We facilitate a cutting edge approach to development focused on sustainability. Conventional charity often leads to dependency. To us, charity doesn’t mean giving things away. Charity means providing a venue for financial stability and opportunity.

Success is Sustainability

Our definition of success is long-term, gainful employment and financial stability for everyone who goes through our programs.

The Next Generation

Meeting the present needs of our community should never compromise sustainability for future generations. We actively invest in the future leaders of the community through academic scholarships, technical training, and life skills education.

Sharing our model

We believe we are all in this together and that collaboration will only make us stronger. We train other organizations and businesses on our model of social enterprise and gainful employment so that more people around the globe have access to the tools needed to create real, lasting impact.

REBUILD globally‘s History

The story of how we came to be.

REBUILD globally was born from the disaster of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and survived in its wake by embarking on a mission to provide a sustainable, entrepreneurial solution for survivors.


REBUILD globally is a non-profit organization fighting poverty in Haiti through education and job training programs. We address the complex issues of poverty by identifying the most vulnerable populations and targeting the root problem – the lack of education and job readiness. Our goal is to replace the conventional methods of charitable aid with a thriving social entrepreneurial ecosystem.  After years of working in the most vulnerable communities, we have found the most impactful way to lessen the effects of poverty is through our social enterprise model that combines the efforts of our non-profit organization with our for-profit ethical fashion business.

In 2015, REBUILD globally incubated a locally owned for-profit social business,  deux mains, a social impact factory that handcrafts sandals and accessories from upcycled tires and high-quality leathers.

Our model has proven that income generation is a sustainable way for people to transition from desperation and dependency to self-sustainability. REBUILD globally and  deux mains  are working hand in hand to change the system that keeps poor people impoverished. Our employment opportunities pay 220% of the minimum full-time Haitian wage and offer business equity to our craftsmen and women.

REBUILD globally provides job training and leadership development as a pathway to prosperity. Every individual who graduates from our programs transitions into dignified employment at  deux mains.  Hand in hand, we are empowering the world’s most vulnerable to help themselves fight poverty.


(as of Sept 2017)


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