Changemaker Spotlight: Sandy Laborde

“I believe that anything is possible with knowledge and hardwork. Each day, we’re given an opportunity to be a solution in moments of adversity. With persistence and a goal oriented mindset, we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of everyone around us.” 

.Sandy Laborde, Laborde & Co. Project Management Firm


This month, we talk with REBUILD globally’s newest board member, Sandy Sophia Laborde! Sandy is the on-air host of several Haitian tv talk shows and founder of Laborde & Co. Project Management Firm and will chat with us today about her experience and insight in the connection between doing business and doing good. We love partnering with like-minded individuals who share our passion for development and for creating sustainable change through business.



Tell us more about yourself and the inspiration behind your work?

To be honest, I consider myself to be a communitarian. I’m proud of my individual accomplishments but I get excited about the idea of what we can accomplish as a community. I’m honored to contribute to my community through my media platform, through initiatives to support social projects that improve the Haitian culture, and using my voice to speak for those who may not have one.

Why REBUILD globally? 

It’s simple, REBUILD globally delivers… they’ve delivered in giving people a way to create a life for themselves. Who wouldn’t support a movement like that?


We believe business and purpose are intricately linked.  What are your thoughts on the growing link between business and doing good?

I believe that what makes this generation special is that we aren’t waiting until we retire to make a difference. More and more companies are fulfilling their social responsibilities to communities, and that’s largely in part due to the people who hold business owners accountable. A business is only one part of the ecosystem and in order for everyone to survive we have to look out for one another.


You have supported REBUILD globally in many capacities, but now have taken on a very significant role with the Board of Directors.  What resonates with you the most?

REBUILD globally delivers. They’ve delivered in educating a people. They’ve delivered in making life safer for many. Most importantly, they’ve delivered in giving people a way to create a life for themselves. Who wouldn’t support a movement like that?


You are  a leader in the space. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs about using their business as a force for good?

Constantly reevaluate the nature of your business and ask yourself if you’re still solving a problem. Because that’s what businesses are, they’re solutions to a problem. At times the response to that question causes us to check ourselves and the people around us, but if we stay the course, the results will show that we’re doing good business.