Djemson Jeudy


Education Program Manager


Djemson Jeudy

Elév Program Manager, Rebuild Globally

Djemson Jeudy, joined REBUILD globally’s Haiti Team as the Education Program Manager in March of 2015. As a member of our Management Staff, Djemson coordinates with all of the school directors where our students are enrolled, oversees the tutoring and Saturday Program Staff, manages the Apprenticeship Program Budget, and ensures that all of our students are set up for success.

Djemson also currently serves as the Executive Director and Founder of Organization to Help Assist the Poor Children of Haiti (OHAPCH) in Gonaïves. Before obtaining his position at REBUILD globally, Djemson coordinated activities with the United Nations Development Programme and the Emergency Response Relief Fund for Haiti and developed and implemented business training for local companies affected by natural disasters in Haiti. In 2013, Djemson was a full-time international intern at a U.S-based non-profit organization that provides selected participants with a paid intensive program in Seattle, Washington to learn leadership, project management, and community-based environmental restoration.

Djemson received his BA in accounting and economics sciences from Université d’Etat d’haiti and Université Publique de l’Artibonite aux Gonaïves and is presently studying law at Université of Gonaïves.

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