Introducing: Haiti Discovery Trips

Haiti’s journey in history is filled with both victory and despair.  The remnants of these triumphs and setbacks still permeate throughout the island today.  One thing, however, is for certain: if you travel to Haiti, you will never forget your time on the island. Horns honking, street food crackling, exhaust fumes blowing, markets bustling.  You will stand in the organized chaos, and all at once you will know, Haiti is not like any place you’ve ever been before, or will ever go again

To experience authentic Haiti is to be transported through an emotional journey that will shock your senses and inspire your soul.  You will remember what the media has told you: “Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.”  What you won’t expect, however, is the beauty.  The raw, unimaginable beauty of the Haitian spirit, the untouched coastlines, and the momentum for a better future.

REBUILD globally is now offering exclusive Haiti Discovery Trips, where this journey can take hold in your life.  Leigh was one of our first guests to experience Haiti through this specially curated experience.  

“Our trip to Haiti this past January to visit REBUILD globally and Deux Mains was incredible. The amazing staff had the trip planned perfectly and in 3 short days we saw, experienced and learned so much about the country, it’s history, culture, and why it is in such a desperate state.  One generally hears only the negative about Haiti but after our visit we saw, besides the country’s beauty, the Haitian’s resilience and hope.” 

Leigh and her group with REBUILD globally Founder Julie Colombino during their trip to Haiti in January 2018.

Travel with us and taste creole cuisine to the beat of folk drums. Learn about Haitian history as you sit in the salty palms of a Lac Azeui at the Haitian-Dominican border.  Meet with people who live in a deportation camp, and understand their journey back to self-sufficiency with REBUILD globally.  Handcraft your own pair of tire sandals under the shade of an almond tree at the deux mains social impact factory, and witness the power of a paycheck.  Explore the mangroves of an island once called the Pearl of the Antilles.   Experience a land of contradictions that will confuse and inspire you.

If you join us on a Discovery Trip, you will bear witness to REBUILD globally’s work in the community, and our methods for providing opportunity and a guaranteed pathway to self-sufficiency. Learn how you can be a part of our journey. Leigh shares,  “REBUILD globally is offering the Haitians ways to have sustainable businesses or careers and teach them how to find and use the tools needed so they will be able to lift others out of poverty and continue the cycle to rebuild Haiti. But, the need for continued involvement, education, and support is paramount. This trip might not be for everyone, but we feel everyone should experience a third world country once in their life for better understanding.” 

Join us in Haiti. Explore our trips today.