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Lavi means Life and Livelihood in Kreyol. With your help, we provide both.


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What makes our program different?

The word “Lavi” in kreyol has two meanings: life and livelihood. This is a powerful message, one we stand by because we believe a good job has the power to transform lives.  We are on a mission to make gainful employment a reality for people in our community. Through our Lavi Job Training Program, REBUILD globally addresses two of the common root causes of poverty: lack of a skilled workforce and lack of long-term employment opportunities. 

Our Lavi Program empowers individuals with skills, opportunity, and dignified employment.  We don’t stop at training.  We ensure that each graduate of our program is guaranteed a job with deux mains, a Haitian operated ethical fashion company we incubated in 2015. The Lavi Job Training Program doesn’t just teach a craft, but also offers education in literacy, financial literacy, basic health, and leadership. We are here to address poverty holistically, and help individuals break the vicious cycle of poverty.  

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Deepening Impact across Haiti

Port-au-Prince Headquarters:

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Fonds Bayard Displacement & Refugee Community:

Education, Job Training, Community Development

Other Sites:

Community Development Efforts

Why Paid Job Training?

Because it helps build a skilled workforce with dignity.

To work with the most vulnerable, we must consider the immediate and dangerous struggles in their lives. We must then implement solutions that create immediate impact and long-term impact. A mother who already struggles to provide food for her children cannot be expected to give up her other income streams for a comprehensive job-training, no matter how good the opportunity. This is why the cycle of poverty is so tough to break. This is also why we at REBUILD globally alleviate this barrier by providing a dignified income during training. We provide individuals the opportunity to invest in themselves while also taking care of their families.

Why Is Guaranteed Employment Important?

Because jobs create economic transformation in individuals, families, and communities.

Job training, no matter how comprehensive, is only as good as the job that follows. In a country like Haiti, employment in the private sector is extremely limited, especially for an unskilled person. REBUILD globally addresses this barrier by guaranteeing a living wage and dignified job at our partner company deux mains for every program graduate.

We guarantee dignified employment
and promise a better future.


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