The unemployment rate in Haiti hovers around 60%

Job Training & Employment

Haiti’s recovery and success lies in the access to employment. When individuals have jobs, they are able to support and feed their families, send their kids to school, and reinvest their earnings into the local economy.

The Lavi Program

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Refugee Relief & Employement

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The Lavi Program

Haiti’s recovery and success lies in the access to employment. The Lavi Program empowers Haitian craftsmen and women by providing a direct pipeline to employment.

Our signature job training program works hand in hand with our Haitian business deux mains designs to ensure our program graduates have access to a full-time, living wage job at our workshop in Port-au-Prince.  The Lavi Program addresses the complex issues of extreme poverty by identifying the most vulnerable populations in Port-au-Prince and targeting the root problem – the lack of job readiness training and long-term employment opportunities.  We specifically target homeless women (or those living in tents) who have been forced to put their children in orphanages or put them to work on the streets due to extreme poverty.  Our beneficiaries have little (to no) work history, are the main care givers for numerous children, do not have access to health insurance or formal medical care, and seek long-term employment opportunities.

Our Impact


Full Time Staff


Invested in the Local Economy Every Year


Additional Contractors Hired

deux mains designs is an employee owned business where craftsmen and women earn 220% of the minimum full-time Haitian wage.

Jolina, deux mains designs Workshop Manager

Artisan Spotlight


Annette, one of our talented craftswomen shares her story of how she became part of our team.

“I remember the day the REBUILD called me”, she shares. “It was a Wednesday, and I was at a friend’s house.  I saw my phone ringing, and saw it was the shop’s number.  Immediately I told my friend, before I even picked up the phone, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m going to work!’  As soon as I saw the number I knew I was going to work. I had such a good day that day, I was so happy.  Even food didn’t interest me. I made dinner for my family, but I couldn’t eat – I was too excited.  You see, the small business I had built had failed so I was forced to sit at home with nothing to do.  I was so stressed because I had two sick family members I was responsible for.  My mother and my brother who had been in an accident.  They were completely reliant on me.  Receiving that call was one of the most important moments of my life because work is so important”. 

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