Fighting Injustice & Poverty

in Haiti's Refugee Camps

The Refugee Crisis

REBUILD globally is creating jobs for displaced refugees in Haiti.

Policy changes in the Dominican Republic have allowed authorities to deport Dominican-born individuals of Haitian descent. As a result, thousands of families are fleeing the Dominican Republic, by fear or force, many of whom have no current ties to Haiti, nowhere to go, and no feasible way to start over. REBUILD globally is working to create opportunities for dignified income in border towns where many refugee families are currently residing.


Our Solution

In partnership with the United Nations, REBUILD globally is building a workshop to provide training and income generating opportunities for 34 individuals at the refugee camp of Fonds Bayard. Refugee families are currently 100% dependent on charity and have little hope of escaping this vicious cycle of generational poverty. By providing jobs, REBUILD globally is looking to break this cycle and provide dozens of families with a chance to improve their current condition. 

We are targeting the root problem – the lack of job readiness and long-term employment.


Provide comprehensive training and equip individuals with the tools necessary for future employment

Income Generation

Set a daily income for individuals to produce upcycled tire soles to be used in deux mains designs sandal production



Allocate funds to the Community School which has no funding to operate, and serves as the primary school for a community of 1000+ families

Join Us

Your donations are critical for the longevity of this program. The United Nations has provided that start-up capital to get things going. Now it is time for us to unite and ensure that these families have the chance the change their situation. Please consider donating $10 today.

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This initiative is funded and supported by The United Nations.


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