We create pathways to independence for refugees

Our Refugee Empowerment Program is a three year initiative to transform a small refugee community in Haiti from an aid-dependent tent city into a vibrant and self-sustaining community. We invest in income generation, independence, and infrastructure to revitalize the local economy and promote a better future for those who have been displaced from their homes. REBUILD globally launched the Refugee Empowerment Program in partnership with the United Nations and in response to the growing deportation crisis that originated in the Dominican Republic in 2015.

In less than one year, we have provided job training and basic income opportunities for 34 refugees, creating a ripple effect that has allowed more than 1000 people to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.


Spark agriculture development, education, and local business by rebuilding structures and systems

Income Generation

Provide comprehensive paid training and equip individuals with the tools necessary for future employment and success.


Partner with organizations to navigate legal system and obtain papers required for citizenship

Within three months of launching this initiative, 100% of our team transitioned out of tents and into stable housing.

Our Work & Impact

When someone has access to employment, they have the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.    

REBUILD globally invests in income generation, independence, and infrastructure to provide a sustainable solution to the refugee crisis. We are dedicated to providing innovative and customized solutions that lead to long-term change. That is why we work together with our for-profit partner deux mains to create jobs for those who need it the most. 34 refugees are now trained craftsmen and women of deux mains and have been provided dignified job training that pays a real income. This impact has rippled through the entire community and hundreds of people are able to define their own futures.  

Why We Do This

The deportation crisis has left thousands of people homeless, stateless, and forced to be reliant on charity. Historically, this has left refugees with little hope of escaping a vicious cycle of poverty. However, by replacing traditional humanitarian aid with economic development and business-led solutions, REBUILD globally is providing this dire situation with hope. Dozens of families are now  choosing to define their own futures as simple infrastructure has been built in this once forgotten community.

Nearly $50,000 invested into Fonds Bayard since 2015

Stories from the Field

This initiative is funded and supported by The United Nations.


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