Opportunity is what Haiti needs.

Written by guest blogger, REBUILD globally Educations and Job Training graduate, Woobensky Doriscat 


When I got to my junior year of school, things got a little difficult for me, because my parents came into economically hard times.   Many in my country are willing to learn and work, yet few have opportunity because of privatised schools and inconsistent employment.   It was during that time that God put REBUILD in my path.  And since that time, REBUILD has changed two big things in my life.

First, my education. Secondly, work.You know these are two very difficult things to find in Haiti, but thanks to REBUILD, I was able to find them. 

If it wasn’t for RG who helped me and continues to help me, I could be sleeping under a bridge, or in a corner, begging for 5 gourdes.


But it wasn’t just that, I had a huge obstacle that was waiting ahead, and that was being able to attend University. It’s always been my dream to become a doctor or medical professional. When I finished school I couldn’t see up, and I couldn’t see down.  How could I if my parents couldn’t pay for university? I prayed and I cried, not knowing what I would do.  Then one day Julie, the director of the program pulled me aside and asked me, ‘How are you doing with University?’  I told her that I wasn’t able to go, and she put her hand over her mouth in shock.


She then asked me a question, ‘If we could pay for part of your University, and I give you a job so you can cover the rest, will you accept?’  Tears flowed from my eyes, as I saw that the two most difficult things to find in Haiti were being offered to me by REBUILD. This made me so happy, and I enrolled in medical school, and received a job at deux mains.  This allowed to take care of my other needs, and to help my sisters and brothers.


It’s possible that you do not fully understand these changes in my life, but you must know that REBUILD is pulling children from the streets, helping to fight insecurity.  I was one of the children that RG decided to bring these changes to, and I would like to say a huge thank you.