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Pathways to Impact | Hello, #givingtuesday!

Changing the cycle of poverty in Haiti isn’t a one-step process or an easy fix. Change is a long journey that starts with small steps.


REBUILD globally has been on this journey since our early days in 2010 after the earthquake, and today we would like to invite you to join us. Pathways to Impact is our Monthly Giving Movement created with you in mind and represents different aspects of making a difference in the world. We have made it easy for you to become a global changemaker. All you have to do is pick your pathway; Education, Job Training, or Community Development and begin your journey.


Pathways to Impact ,Education

                                            A moment caught during graduation. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2017

Maybe the best place to start on this world-changing journey is in our Elév Education Program, our first Pathway to Impact. We annually support 37 students from the community in their education. There are many programs in Haiti, set up with similar goals to educate the next generation. However, the REBUILD difference is seen and felt by our holistic commitment to see these young people succeed academically and personally.

Our Elev Education Program is here to give students a community and a support system, they wouldn’t normally have access to. We achieve this a few different ways:

  • Full tuition and financial support
  • Personalized mentorship and tutoring
  • Guaranteed access to job training and employment post-graduation
  • University scholarships



Pathways to Impact, Job Training.

Our second Pathway to Impact is our Lavi Job Training Program. We take a holistic approach to this program and ensure people are given the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce and have access to a job. We want to see each individual succeed both professionally and personally.

The REBUILD difference:

  • Paid job training
  • Training in life skills such as money management and professionalism
  • Guaranteed dignified employment at deux mains, our for-profit partner in change

Through our Lavi Job Training Program, you are changing lives, with each word of encouragement, with each class, and with each paycheck.


Pathways to Impact, Community Development, REBUILD globally

                                                         The fearless women leaders in Fonds Bayard, Haiti.

Our third Pathway to Impact is Community Development. This pathway is one of our most fluid programs because it’s all about meeting people and communities right where they are, right now. We come alongside communities, lend a helping hand in a time of need, and empower them to succeed long after we leave. We use our in-depth knowledge of Haiti, development, and poverty alleviation to create connections, solve problems, and improve our communities.

So what does Community Development actually look like to us?

Community Development looks like connecting a small businesswoman with long lasting clients. It looks like emergency relief in the wake of natural disasters. Like helping individuals in a refugee camp obtain proper identification. Community Development looks like empowering local communities to thrive independently.


Each of our pathways exists to empower individuals to help them reach their goals and to holistically fight poverty in vulnerable communities. Your support helps each person in their pathway journey. A journey from poverty to sustainability; a journey from a thirst to learn to educated; a journey from the desire to work to employed. On this global day of giving, please consider making a gift to our end-of-year campaign today.