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Pathways to Impact is our monthly giving movement.

Our Refugee Empowerment Program is a three year initiative to transform a small refugee community in Haiti from an aid-dependent tent city into a vibrant and self-sustaining community. It is also one of our pathways to sustained impact in Haiti. Through this initiative, we invest in income generation, independence, and infrastructure to revitalize the local economy and promote a better future for those who have been displaced from their homes.

How You Will Create Change



You will spark agriculture development, education, and local business by rebuilding structures and systems

Income Generation

You will provide job training and income and will equip individuals with the tools necessary for success


You will facilitate legal papers required for citizenship and freedom

Refugee Empowerment

Your Donation of



Provides two weeks of job training to 3 refugees

Your Donation of



Secures a microloan for a small business in Fond Bayard

Your Donation of



Secures the purchasing of half an acre of agricultural land for crop production

Refugee Relief

Your Donation of



Provides permanent housing for one refugee for one year




Provides 100 days of training and
guaranteed income for a refugee participant

$1200 PER YEAR



Provides guaranteed access to
electricity in Fonds Bayard

Why Join Pathways to Impact?

The Community

You will become part of a community that is committed to investing in Haiti and become an advocate for our unique approach to fighting poverty. You can learn more about what makes us different by checking out our blog.

The Impact

As a monthly Giver and movement leader, you will receive quarterly impact reports customized to your selected pathway. Read our success stories, meet our partners, and see how your dollars are fighting poverty.

The Perks

Receive special holiday gifts and an exclusive pre-launch designs gifts from our partner deux mains designs. Get the opportunity to be featured on our monthly newsletter as a REBUILD globally supporter.

Our Pathway to Impact Changemakers

Jorge Garcia, General Fund 

Thais Cuachio, Refugee Empowerment

ME Collins, General Fund

Jessica Reynolds, Education

Sultana Ali, Refugee Empowerment

Jim Hobart, Refugee Empowerment

Christ Church Sugar Land, Job Training

Mayra Panora, Hurricane Matthew Relief

Julie Colombino, Refugee Empowerment

Isabel Walker, Refugee Empowerment

Deanna McNair, Education

Bridget Healy, Job Training

Amanda Interlicchio, General Fund

Amanda Ward, Refugee Empowerment

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