Remember, Rise & REBUILD

In less than 100 days we will remember the 200,000+ lives that were lost on the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake.  The frontline news will marvel about the 1.5 million people who were made homeless, and the millions of aid dollars that seemed to vanish.  But not us, we will not waste one minute focusing on the things that keep Haiti down.  We will celebrate the livelihoods created due to the tenacity, strength and perseverance of the survivors.  You know we have been investing in the long-term development of Haiti through job creation for years now….. but today is the day we have some BIG news to share.


We have built a social impact factory 11x our size that will create dozens of more great jobs.  Oh, and the entire facility is solar powered creating mind-blowing positive environmental impact.


Over the next few months, I want to take you on the journey that has transformed me from a disaster responder into fashion entrepreneur.  We have beaten all the odds opening, and growing a business, in post-earthquake Haiti, and I want you to know why it matters and how we did it.  Our vision to create an innovative and competitive manufacturing system, blending industrial practices with handmade craftsmanship has come to fruition.


January 14, 2019 marks our official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the tenacity of Haiti and the incredible partners who have made this happen.  Follow along as deux mains transforms the manufacturing industry, creating a new set of standards that ensures products are designed to defend the environment, craftsmen and women are protected by policy, and consumers have the power to consume responsibly.



>>Join us in Haiti for the grand opening<<