Why the Environment?  


There are a finite amount of non-renewable resources in the world and we want our business to protect people and the planet. Incorporating sustainability principles into our business model is part of our value system.  deux mains sandals are handcrafted with up-cycled tires and locally sourced leather. We have upcycled over 6,000 tires for our sandals, saving the environment from over harmful toxins that are released from tire burning.  We collect tires from around the streets and bring them back to our workshop where our craftsmen and women clean them, cut them, and mold them into the 100% unique soles of our sandals.  Each pair of sandals prevents 10 kilograms of CO2 from being emitted into Earth’s atmosphere.

Omel Saint Preux, one of our craftsmen and a former Elev Program participant shares how proud he is of the products that he creates. “I’m really proud of our work because we use tires to make the sandals.  This is so surprising for Haitians and that makes me proud.  They can’t find as many tires in the streets to use in protests now because we have found a way to use them.”

       Every step you take in deux mains sandals literally contributes to the well being of our planet.

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