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The Most Impactful Shoe on the Planet

Many children in Haiti do not attend school because they can not afford required school shoes.

REBUILD globally has partnered with Thread, a Certified B Corporation, and deux mains designsa Haitian social impact factory, to handcraft a school shoe made from re-purposed and recycled materials.  The Impact Shoe is the most impactful shoe on the planet because it removes a simple barrier that prevents children from going to school while also supporting local job creation. Your purchase of The Impact Shoe for school children supports education, environmental sustainability, and job creation in Haiti.


Donate to the Impact Shoe Project and eliminate a simple barrier to eduction. Your donations will be dedicated towards providing quality school shoes for children and schools we work with in Haiti.

Interested in fundraising for a wholesale order? Click to request a quote! We will work with you on goal setting, logistics and offer you the opportunity to deliver wholesale orders in person!






*Calculated from every 200 shoes sold

With a sole made from upcycled tires, an upper made from recycled bottles, and design and production taking place in Haiti’s first social impact factory – this shoe is the most impactful shoe on the planet. The durability and comfort of the Impact Shoe provides a tremendous advantage for many children in Haiti who must travel by foot through mountainous terrain to get to school each day. The design matches the specific local standards for school shoe aesthetic and is available for boys and girls.

All shoes are handcrafted in Haiti by the craftsmen and women of deux mains designs.

One of our students with her Impact Shoes
Impact Shoe Upclose: Upcycled Tires, Ground to Good Fabric

Work changes your life because for us in Haiti, work is freedom.

Erony Alexandre

Designer & Cobbler, The School Shoe Initiative

Erony, REBUILD globally Master Shoemaker, Impact Shoe

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